Poll: What is the most design challenged car of 2011?


Here at TFLcar.com headquarters we’ve been busy worker bees driving many of the 2011 cars and of course many of the current 2010 cars as well.

There are few 2010 and 2011 cars that we noticed might be somewhat design challenged.

However that could just be in the eye of the beholder so we’re curious as to what you think.

Here are five cars that we’ve noticed this year and that will not change or will not change much for 2011 (that because of their styling) some might consider design challenged.

Take a look at all five (in no particulate order) and please select the top two most design challenged cars in the poll below.

Here are the Top Designed Challenged cars of 2011 for your consideration:

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke TFL 1

Honda Crosstour


Nissan Cube

2009-nissan-cube _13_

Jeep Compass


Lincoln MKT


Please vote for the two most designed challenged cars of 2011 below. Best of all you’ll see the results as soon as you vote.

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