Fisker raises more money: says it will produce first plug-in hybrid electric car by end of the year


When you see the sexy curves of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid electric car first hand under the cool lights of an Auto Show you can't help but fall in love.

The shapely silhouette of the Karma holds the promise of both effortless speed and efficiency, and you start to daydream that maybe the car will be built and priced in such a way as to make it affordable for the common man or women…in other words you hope yo can afford one.

Fisker has just announced that it raised an additional $35 million of private equity to close a
$189 million funding round making at least part of that dream a possibility.

More importantly the company says that it will build and sell the Karma before the end of the year.


Click HERE watch a video of how the Fisker Karma works.

Priced at around $87,900, the Karma is not the affordable plug-in hybrid electric car that will start a new electric car revolution.

But the car will go for about 50 miles on electric power alone with a total range of about 240 miles using both electricity and gas.

Fisker closed a $529
million U.S.
Energy Department loan earlier this year and it hopes to start selling a more affordable plug-in hybrid electric car priced around 50K in 2012.


It would not be unreasonable to assume the cheaper Fisker will eventually complete with the upcoming Tesla Model S, but until both of those cars are built we'll just have to keep dreaming.

Check out the EV competition (the up coming Tesla Model S) HERE to compare the two cars for yourself.

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