New Ford Focus wagon: Paint it black and bring it to America


Ford announced today that it plans to build a wagon version of the newly redesigned and soon to be sold Ford Focus.

The wagon version of the Ford Focus will debut at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

Check out the official Detroit Auto Show debut of the new Ford Focus HERE.

But here's the catch…Ford has no plans to sell it on this side of the Atlantic.

So we will
look at the consumer trends and see if it comes up, but at this time we
don’t anticipate a need for it in North America,
” Davis said.

What ever happened to build it and they will come?

“A key strength of the Ford Focus range in Europe has always been its wagon, and its popularity is second only to the five-door,” John Fleming, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO said in a statement.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"Frank Davis, a Ford executive in product development, said it’s
important to offer a wagon version of the Focus in Europe because about
one third of Focus buyers in Europe buy a wagon version of the car."

When Ford first introduced the Focus wagon in the U.S., about 14% of
Focus buyers purchased a wagon version. But that percentage dwindled to
about 4% by 2007 when Ford stopped producing it."

We say paint it black and bring it to America already.

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