Video: GM unveils all new 2011 V-8 Caprice police car in Denver


Starting in 2011 keep your eyes in the rear-view mirror for this new Australian built GM Caprice police car.

In Denver, Colorado today at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police, General Motors removed the wraps from the 2011 Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV).

GM displayed the prototype while at the same time confirming plans to build the V-8 and V-6 Caprice that will only be available to police departments and not the general public.

The new car will be built in Australia and GM says that it will be both fast (0-60 in about six seconds for the V-8 version) and fuel efficient as it will be able to deactivate 4 cylinders to save fuel.

The full-sized rear-drive sedan will complete with both Ford and Chrysler cars, but GM says that by testing the car with police it offers the right size and equipment to win over more police departments.

Take a look at the official intro of the car below: