Cash for clunkers NOT suspended

CASH_FOR_CLUNKE Contrary to many published reports the U.S. government is not
suspending the cash for clunkers program that has proved to be so
popular that the one billion dollars allocated to the program is close
to running out.

Both Reuters and the New York Times
are reporting that, "The U.S. government will not suspend its $1
billion "cash for clunkers" auto sales incentive even though confirmed
sales and pending transactions neared the limit of 250,000 vehicles
much sooner than expected, an Obama administration official said on
Thursday night.

The White House was working with Congress to
try to extend funding for the program, said the official, who was not
authorized to speak for attribution."

The most recent and complete list of cash for clunkers eligible vehicles is HERE.

prpgram was excepted to keep going through September but the resonse
has been so overwelling that the quarter million car limit set for the
program was reached by the end of July just abut a week after it began.