You Can Once Again Order a Tesla Model X and Model S with a Proper Steering Wheel

You can have the yoke if you want, and it won't cost you anything extra

A conventional steering wheel wouldn’t normally be an exciting option, but if you don’t like the yoke…

Tesla’s move a couple years ago to replace the well-known, well-understood steering wheel with a futuristic yoke was mixed, to put it mildly. As with anything, some people love having the different look and feel, while others want the option that makes the car easier to maneuver (especially at slow speeds). Now, you can once again order a new Tesla Model X or Model S with a proper steering wheel.

While the automaker’s larger electric models are not exactly cheap — the Model S starts at $104,990 these days — making the decision on which way to steer won’t cost you any extra cash. The configurator now defaults to the steering wheel, but you can switch it back to the yoke if you really, really want to as a no-cost option. It’s an interesting move, as Tesla usually keeps its options list pared down to the essentials.

And for those who are still wondering: Yes, this change also applies to the Plaid models.

Tesla Model S steering yoke

There’s also an option should you want to fit a steering wheel to your yoke-equipped Tesla.

You’ve been able to “fix” the yoke situation for a little while thanks to aftermarket shops like T Sportline. It’s certainly a pricey alternative, but it at least gets you a bit closer to a normal steering wheel, albeit a funkily shaped one.

If you already took delivery of your Model X or Model S with a yoke though, there’s more good news. From March 2023, you’ll be able to order a steering wheel retrofit kit, so you aren’t stuck should you want to make the change. The kit costs $700, and that includes installation.