I Was SHOCKED! Here’s How Simple Maintenance VASTLY Improved My MPG!

Even completing just a couple tasks can yield a surprising result

Tune up video - featured
(Images: TFL Studios)

Maintenance is key to keeping your car running smoothly — and basic steps can improve your fuel economy!

New car prices shot straight for the moon over the past few years, offering that much more incentive to look at more affordable options. Not only that, but it’s worth getting the most out of your older car if you are sticking to a tight budget. As gas prices continue to ping-pong all over the place, too, getting the highest fuel economy possible from whatever you drive can save some cash in the long run. But just how much can you improve your fuel mileage with some straightforward maintenance? In this TFLcar video, Tommy sees just how a quick tune up can help a 1999 Toyota RAV4 run smoother (and more efficiently) for a little while longer.

Specifically, the guys change the car’s air filter and spark plugs — a job that you can handle with some basic know-how and tools in a few minutes. In both the pre- and post-tune up tests, the guys run an MPG loop at 70 MPH to see whether the RAV4 could make it into the mid-20s or even higher on fuel economy.

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Check out the full video and the results below: