Lucid Adds $6,000 ‘Stealth Look’ Package to Cars Coming in 2023

Lucid Air Stealth Look - featured
(Images: Lucid Motors)
  • Lucid Motors announced a new package option for their ‘Air’ sedan, called the Stealth Look.
  • The appearance package will add $6,000 to the car’s price tag and is available on all trims except the base ‘Pure’.
  • If you’re interested in a stealthy Lucid Air, the package will not be available until early 2023.

The Lucid Air Touring already starts at $107,400.

Blackened-out, stealthy models are all the rage for nearly any type of car, from the humble Toyota C-HR all the way up the stack to the Lucid Air. This option is (naturally) quite a bit more expensive, as the ‘Stealth Look’ package will add another $6,000 to the asking price of the six-figure sedan. If you are looking to stick to a lower budget with the base model Pure, sorry — you’ll only be able to get it on the two higher trims. The package is available for the Air Touring, as well as the Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance.

Take a closer look at the changes below:

So, what all do you get for your money? The photos pretty much reveal that, as you get black trim from nose to tail. Rather than the platinum brightwork, everything here is darker, from the roof to the mirror caps and, of course, the wheels. On that front, you get either 20- or 21-inch wheels. To that, you can couple any of the Lucid Air’s five exterior colors, including Zenith Red, Stellar White, Quantum Gray or Cosmos Silver. However, I’m struggling to imagine a buyer who would go for those rather than the obvious choice, Infinite Black. That’s what Lucid did with these photos, and it makes the Air look nice and sinister. As things should be with the Stealth Look package.

As far as we know, the Stealth Look package only changes up the exterior design. Inside, you’ll still have a similarly luxurious experience, with the same layout as the standard models.