(Video) Pros Share Their Secrets – Here Is How To Win in a Dodge Charger, Challenger, & Durango Hellcat!

Images: TFLcar

Our man Kase visited Bandimere Speedway during the Dodge Power Brokers Mile High Nationals, and got schooled in how to properly drag race.

Matt Hagan and Leah Pruett are on Tony Stewart’s NHRA Dodge Power Brokers drag racing team. To say that they are both exceptional on the 1/4-mile would be an understatement. While TFL Studios isn’t a racing video production company, we do run a lot of 1/8 and 1/4 mile drag races – in all kinds of vehicles.

Some of us have had (somewhat) professional instruction, which can be rather illuminating for speed freaks. Others have not, which can result in inconsistent drag racing. Sometimes, unsafe drag racing too.

Kase hasn’t had any formal drag racing training, but he does now.

Kase getting instruction with pro Leah Pruett on the strip, in a Durango SRT. Yea, his smile is real. (Images: TFLcar)

We were lucky enough to have Kase interview Matt Hagan and Leah Pruett. Not only that, Kase got some one-on-one drag race instruction from Pruett as well. Hagen and Pruett are part of Tony Stewart racing team – and you can watch their recent press conference below.

“I appreciate all forms of racing, and I’ve always been intrigued about drag racing and NHRA, in particular. Back in 2009, when Tony Schumacher and I were both representing the U.S. Army, I got to hang out with him and Don Schumacher at the U.S. Nationals. Tony ended up winning, and after taking it all in, I was hooked. But it wasn’t until I met Leah and started going to races regularly, where I saw the strategy and the preparation firsthand, that I truly understood it.”

Tony Stewart