AMG Celebrates 55 Years In Business With Special Mercedes-AMG G 63 Edition 55 Model

Bet you can't guess how many of these are coming to the US

Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55
(Images: Mercedes-Benz)

There’s a new, rarer Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen on the block.

In itself, Mercedes’ G-Class is already a special car, being one of the brand’s longest-running models. There’s another level on top of that in the Mercedes-AMG G63, though, and now there’s another rung still as the tuning house celebrates its 55th anniversary. Meet the 2022 Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55 — a limited-run nod to the firm that first started operations back in 1967.

On its face, this special edition doesn’t look much more extreme than the standard model. Depending on your stance toward the G-Class, that may be a good thing. There are a few touches that set this version apart, including the graphics on the lower doors, G Manufaktur Opalite White paint (a caveat on that in a moment) and special Edition 55 badging. On US-bound cars, though, customers will only get this limited-run car in Obsidian Black metallic. That might be for the better — if you want something that looks nice and sinister.

Inside, the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55 brings in a red-and-black theme, with swathes of carbon fiber offsetting the silver accents throughout the dash and center stack. You also get special badging on the steering wheel and a red-illuminated AMG door sill.

The 2022 Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55 keeps the same potent powertrain as the standard car. A hand-built, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 pumps out 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, and can push the three-ton SUV to 60 mph in around 4.5 seconds. So, the folks who do get their hands on these — in case you were wondering, 55 of them are coming the US — are mainly getting a host of appearance updates to set their AMG G-Wagen apart from the crowd.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55

How much will that privilege cost, exactly? Mercedes did not announce official pricing, nor is the car available to order through conventional means. You’ll have to go to your dealer for more information, and it will almost certainly run much higher than the roughly $170,000 you’d have to pay for a G 63 with 22-inch wheels and the AMG Night package. In fact, pricing for the whole 2022 G 63 lineup may shift, as Mercedes hasn’t announced pricing for the standard car, either.