RIP Chevy Spark: One Of America’s Cheapest Cars Will End Production This Summer

As ever, blame more popular (and lucrative) crossovers

Chevy Spark Activ
(Images: Chevrolet)

The Chevy Spark will reach the end of the road in August 2022.

I’d normally say pour one out for the diminutive Spark here — and you can, if you’d really like to — but this one is actually a bit of a puzzler for us. Not the fact that it’s going away, as its main Big Three rivals (i.e. the Ford Fiesta and Dodge Dart) have long since passed. Rather, it’s surprising that Chevy’s plucky little hatchback held on this long. Today, though, GM finally confirmed the Spark is not long for this world, as first reported by CarsDirect, and will not see a direct replacement when its production run ends in August 2022.

Of course, the Spark’s major selling point throughout its decade-long production run is its price. Even now as cars get crazy expensive (the average transaction price is over $47,000 these days), the base LS model comes in at $14,595 including destination. For that, you get a 98 horsepower, 1.4-liter engine sending power to the front wheels through either a CVT or a 5-speed manual transmission. This is one of the few cars left where you can actually get a manual transmission nearly across the entire trim walk, with the exception of the top end 2LT Automatic, at $19,490. While we’re on the subject of cheap, this is also one of the few cars left you can actually get new for under $20,000.

Chevy Spark Activ

Now, folks wanting to stay inside the Chevy brand will have to opt for the aging Trax crossover, or the fresher (and only slightly more expensive) Trailblazer. Those crossovers start at $22,595 and $22,795 respectively. To get a car below that $20K mark, though, you’ll have to gravitate toward the $16,125 Mitsubishi Mirage or the $16,105 Nissan Versa — assuming you’re able to find inventory at the moment.

If you want to ditch gasoline altogether, you can find an electric Spark on the used market, as well: