The New Range Rover Is Upon Us, And Its Full Reveal Is Coming On October 26: News

2022 Range Rover teased
I know, you can’t really see much — but behind all that blur is the new Range Rover. (Image: Land Rover)

We’ll get a much better look at the next-generation Range Rover next week.

It’s been nearly a decade since the fourth-generation Range Rover debuted, and Land Rover is just about ready to finally reveal the new model. Obviously, you can’t make out a ton of detail from the teaser image above, though it’s clear the overall shape of the new SUV won’t change all that drastically. Evolutionary design aside, we do expect noteworthy updates both in terms of powertrains, technology and overall opulence from the outgoing model. It is, after all, still one of the most well-known SUVs out there, and it’s facing more competition than ever across the industry.

Like before, the 2022 Range Rover should still come in short and long-wheelbase forms. The outgoing car offered a variety of gasoline and diesel powertrains, ranging from the 3.0-liter TD6 to the 3.0-liter P360 mild-hybrid, a P400e plug-in hybrid and a 5.0-liter gasoline V8. While I’d expect the inline-six engine and the PHEV to remain, we’ll have to wait and see whether Land Rover does plan to drop either the V8 or the diesel from the updated model.

2022 Range Rover teaser

Land Rover’s other teaser shot showing the new Range Rover doesn’t reveal much either, beyond the typical badging on the hood and metallic point. The automaker does seem to be going for a minimalistic grille this time around. From what little we can see, we doubt this design will put many people off.

More answers will emerge on October 26 at 3:40 PM Eastern, so stay tuned for a better look at the fifth-generation car next Tuesday!

While we wait, check out our latest Range Rover outing below: