The 2022 BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition Is Seeing Red — Well, At Least In The Grille: News

If you want a murdered out X5, here's one straight from the factory

2022 BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition
This limited-edition X5 Black Vermilion Edition brings an “unmistakably striking” design, per BMW — but it’s not cheap. (Images: BMW)

If matte black paint and red accents are to your taste, behold — the BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition.

This is a look I’ve seen a fair few do to their own BMWs, but we’re usually talking F90 M3s — not a high-riding, family-hauling SUV. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the automaker from thinking up this limited-run X5 Black Vermilion Edition, a package that likely won’t draw in your usual luxury crossover buyer. If it does strike your fancy, this car is at least exclusive. Only 350 production models are coming to the U.S.

That said, it’s not exactly what you’d call inexpensive. When the X5 Black Vermilion Edition does arrive this fall, it will pack an $83,295 price tag (including destination). In other words, this car is $20,500 more expensive than the base X5 xDrive40i on which it’s based.

While you are shoehorned into the 335 horsepower straight-six as your only option — you can’t get a V8 Black Vermilion — you do get some extra features for your money. Specific to the X5 Black Vermilion Edition are the matte black paint, red accents throughout the exterior and interior, including the Merino leather seats, and 22-inch orbit gray wheels. Beyond that, you also get the glass shifter control, carbon fiber interior trim pieces and the M Sport exhaust system. The latter two aren’t normally available the X5 xDrive40, but you can spec other features on the normal models. Once you do, that major price gap gets much more reasonable for everything you get.

While we haven’t checked this one out in person, we have tested the current generation X5 off-road. You can check that out below: