Production 2022 Nissan Z Gets An Official Reveal Date — August 17: News

Only 8-ish more weeks to go!

2022 Nissan Z
We’ve seen some leaked photos, but the next Nissan Z has eluded an official reveal date…until now. (Images: Nissan)

In two months’ time, we’ll finally see the 2022 Nissan Z.

After the Nissan Z Proto concept got the hype train rolling last fall, there’s just been one question burning in our minds. When is the production version actually coming? That’s been a frustrating mystery, at least until now. Nissan played its hand Thursday and finally revealed a date for the production version of the 2022 Nissan Z — August 17, 2021.

While that does mean we still have two agonizing months to go, there’s a fair amount we already do know about the new car. First, from recent spy shots it’s clear the styling changed precious little from the concept itself. What’s more, we know this next-gen Z will have a twin-turbocharged V6 (yes); rear-wheel drive (double yes); and a manual transmission option.

All right, just go ahead and take my money, Nissan.

Still, plenty of details need fleshing out

No, no, no — we’ll have to wait patiently and see if it’s any good! What we’ve seen so far looks promising, but there are some crucial details that Nissan isn’t keen to disclose just yet. That 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine sounds an awful lot like what we get in the Infiniti Q60, and that cranks out 400 horsepower in the Red Sport model. That’s a healthy dose of power over the old 370Z’s V6, and it would beat the current 3.0-liter Toyota Supra, if only just.

Earlier shots and information through Z enthusiasts’ forums also peg the 2022 Nissan Z at $34,995. That’s likely excluding destination charges, but if that figure is even remotely accurate it would dramatically undercut the Toyota Supra. It’s still not the best horsepower per dollar you can find (it’s tough to beat the Ford Mustang GT on that one), but that sort of price makes it a solid performance bargain. Again, that’s if the price published in that forum post comes to pass. New cars across the board have been getting more expensive as of late, so…who knows?

At any rate, at least we only have eight more weeks or so to wait. If you’re anxious for more manual sports cars like Nathan and I are, that’s a tough ask.