Honda Announces Its First ‘Prologue’ EV Due In 2024, With An Acura To Follow: News

Honda's first volume EV will emerge from its partnership with GM

Honda Prologue EV
There are no images or technical data, but at least we know the name of Honda’s first EV: “Prologue”. (Images: Honda)

Honda rolls out the Prologue name as part of its aim to become fully electric by 2040.

The automaker announced its tie-up with General Motors will bear fruit in 2024, as its first Prologue EV heads into production. Honda’s first volume electric car will be an SUV built on GM’s latest platform, and use the company’s “Ultium” battery technology. In the process, Honda promises it will deliver “versatility and driving range on par with our current lineup of rugged SUVs.” To date, the company launched the Clarity with a full-electric variant, but that saw limited range, production and sales.

Specific information on the brand’s first completely zero-emissions vehicle should arrive over the coming months. That will likely happen in traditional slow-drip fashion, from the name to a silhouette, and finally a full reveal followed by all the technical data right before the actual vehicle’s launch. For now, though, American Honda’s executive vice president Dave Gardner says, “The Prologue will provide our customers with a battery-electric SUV with the excellent functionality and packaging they’ve come to expect from Honda.”

The 2024 Honda Prologue will launch alongside an Acura SUV on the same platform, so we’ll see the luxury marque’s first production EV at that point as well. In the second half of this decade, Honda says it will launch another series of new EVs on its own “e:Architecture”, for which it leads the development cycle. Ultimately, CEO Toshihiro Mibe says the sales ratio of its EVs should hopefully progress from 40% in 2030 to 80% in 2035, then shift completely to EV models by 2040.