The Porsche Macan EV Is Officially Moving Forward: Expect It To Arrive In 2023

Porsche Macan EV
The Porsche Macan EV was already more or less confirmed, but now the automaker is officially teasing its all-electric SUV. (Images: Porsche)

The Porsche Macan EV is officially a go.

Beyond internal development and hush-hush testing, Porsche teased their new all-electric Macan this week. Now, we should see them a bit more frequently on the public roads. “Testing in a real-life environment is now underway,” says board member of R&D Michael Steiner. By the time the new Porsche Macan EV actually goes on sale, Porsche says it will cover some 3 million kilometers (1.86 million miles) worldwide, running the durability gauntlet in various conditions.

Before four wheels even hit the tarmac, however, the Stuttgart-based automaker also poured hundreds of hours into digital development. Along the way, no fewer than 20 simulated prototypes set the benchmark for aerodynamics, energy management, acoustics and vehicle operation. “We regularly collate the data and use it to build up a complete, virtual vehicle that is as detailed as possible.” Before actually taking the Porsche Macan EV out into the real world, engineers can simulate the electric drivetrain and work out ways to keep it within the components’ optimal temperature range, for example.

If that statement seems like its light on hard technical information, that’s because Porsche hasn’t disclosed exact specs yet. We do know it will run on the same 800-volt electrical architecture as the Taycan. The company says the all-electric Macan EV will “offer typical Porsche E-Performance”, so there may well be some similarities between the two. More information should emerge in the coming months, and we’ll get a better idea how Porsche’s pure electric EV will shake out. Now, though, at least we know the Premium Platform Electric (PPE)-based vehicle is due for a 2023 launch.

Porsche Macan EV

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