Sneak Peek: Check Out Jeep’s Concepts That Will Debut At The 2021 Easter Jeep Safari

We get a glimpse at two of the upcoming concepts

Concepts - 2021 Easter Jeep Safari
Jeep previewed the concepts they’re going to show off at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari. (Images: Stellantis)

These first design sketches give us an early glimpse of the Jeep concepts we will be seeing in person later this month!

This is just the beginning of Jeep teasing all of us with a batch of sketches that hint as to what we will see at the 2021 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT from March 27th through April 4th. Stellantis is setting up their own event, which is awesome for the TFL Studios team. It’s like our Disneyland: we get to discover, play with and document some snazzy concepts that Jeep loves to cook up.

The best part is that these concepts give fans a clue as to what the folks at Jeep are dreaming up. In some cases, the products are total fantasy, in others, they are thinly disguised pre-production vehicles and/or components. What they always hope to do is track the feedback from fans about what they’ve seen. Sometimes, it leads to a product getting the green light.

Last year, EJS and virtually every other Jeep event was cancelled. We expected to sample lots of new products back then. This hiatus has given Stellantis a chance to beef up their portfolio for this year. We expect to see several other sketches in the near future. These are just the first two are posted below, and the company made clear to expect more images soon. Let us know what you think!

Concepts - 2021 Easter Jeep Safari

Jeep Concept “Magneto”

The Jeep Wrangler concept above is called the “Magneto.” Cool right? I think it’s a beefed up Wrangler 4xe… perhaps it’s a Gladiator version of the 4xe? It’s hard to tell – and that’s on purpose.

Stellantis’ official statement reads, “The Jeep brand and Jeep Performance Parts by Mopar again join forces to create custom vehicles built specifically to conquer iconic trails and terrain in Moab, Utah, March 27 – April 4. Design sketches give an early glimpse of the distinct and powerful performance concept vehicles that are set to debut at this year’s annual Jeep enthusiast event in Moab.”

And then there’s this…

This orange concept provides very few clues, but it could be a rolling showcase of the Jeep Performance Parts catalog based on the upcoming Wrangler Rubicon 392. If you see the amount of detail the designer/artist put into the bumper and winch, it looks like it was a main design focus; hence my theory. The tartan image in the background may indicate a unique interior design concept as well.

We’ll have full coverage of the concepts from this year’s Easter Jeep Safari coming up, so stay tuned for more details!