It’s Time To Say Goodbye To One Of Our Coolest Cars Yet — The 1978 Subaru DL

It's departure brings an interesting story that's worth a watch

1978 Subaru DL Tombstone Truth
Truth or …

Our 1978 Subaru DL is off to a new owner – who almost got this before we did originally.

Jeff bought our 1978 Subaru DL from us, despite the cries of agony coming from Tommy. There is an interesting history here. Jeff actually met the car in the past when it was used as a showroom prop in a local Subaru garage. He saw it well before any of us did.

Here’s where it gets interesting: while Jeff was in Florida, the Subaru DL went up to auction. Roman ended up winning the auction, but the other top bidder was Jeff. He recognized the little Subaru and tried his best to get it. The former owner kept Jeff’s information – which was a good thing.

Fast-forward a little while later, after several videos and some might fine memories. Roman decided that it was time to refresh the fleet. Among other vehicles that have recently departed, like our beloved Land Rover LR3, we opted to off-load the Subaru as well. There was nothing wrong with it; in fact, we spent a ton to get it running right (and legal). We simply knew that, either with my bang-and-twist off-road antics, or poor luck in general, we wanted to send the little guy off the right way. In one piece.

As luck would have it, Roman was able to make contact with Jeff and send the Subaru to a loving home. Better yet, Jeff lives in Steamboat Springs, CO; so we know it’s off for some proper snow-bunny living. Other than Tommy, the rest of us are thrilled that the 1978 Subaru DL is heading off to live with an owner who will appreciate it for what it is.

On top of that, we’re pretty sure he’s going to be a lot nicer to the DL than we’ve been.

Check out this goodbye video below. It truly made our day!