A Jeep Wrangler With A Raptor-Like Active Suspension? SDi E-CLIK Shock System Promises No Compromise

2021 jeep wrangler sdi eclik active suspension
(image by: SDi – Suspension Direct)

What if your Jeep had an active and electronically adjustable suspension that is similar in function to the Ford Raptor or the upcoming Ram TRX? The guys at Suspension Direct have a similar idea as they release the SDi E-CLIK shock/suspension system.

The system includes four piggy-back reservoir shocks with electrically controlled valves, an ECU, sensors, and a wiring harness. The system can be controlled by the driver with a combination of switches and/or a digital touch-screen interface.

jeep wrangler active suspension sdi eclik shocks controller

The system can adjust the shock stiffness in real-time as you are driving. The processor is plugged into the Jeep’s OBDII port to get monitor vehicle speed and several other parameters. The system comes with its own inclinometer that tells the processor the angles of tilt. The system can then adjust the stiffness of the shock according to the driving situation and the terrain. It can offer a softer ride on pavement, much less lean in fast corners, and adjustable off-road settings. All of this is done without getting out and twisting manual shock adjustment knobs.

We hope to get some seat time in the SDi E-CLIK Jeep very soon!

The active shock system is currently available for sale with pricing that ranges between $3,299 – $4,999 before installation. The E-CLIK system can fit to Jeep Wrangler JL and the older JK in 2-door and 4-door configuration. The kit assumes your Jeep has a suspension lift. You can always reach out to the folks at SuspensionDirect.com or their participating dealer network with question about specific fitment.