Breaking News! Is this a Jeep Wrangler V8? (Video)

2021 jeep wrangler v8 hemi 392
This image appears to a be a 396 Wrangler V8!
(Image: FCA)

We just received this image from Instagram of what appears to be a Jeep Wrangler V8. Yep, it clearly says 392 on the hood which is one of their larger Hemi V8s – which could be epic. It’s just a photo, just a rendering – there’s nothing noted. 

Jeep certainly took a shot across Ford’s bow.  

This image was posted on instagram and that sure as hell looks like a massive power bulge and it appears to have a big-honking V8 in it! 

We know that the 392 Hemi puts out well over 400 horsepower, but we have no idea what Jeep is contemplating with this power-train. It makes 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque in the Power Wagon, for example. If they keep along this line of thinking, we suspect that they will use an eight-speed automatic transmission as well. 

This video has a lot of Bronco information as well. It appears that the boys at Jeep have no problem stirring the pot by sneaking out this image just before the official debut of the 2021 Ford Bronco. 

We will be staying on top of this story – no doubt! 

What do you think? Would you spend the extra dough to get a beastly Hemi V8 in a Wrangler? I bet a bunch of you would.