You Don’t Need To Be A Car Company To Build Face Shields Fast — Here’s How One Company Produces 1,000 An Hour

The CEO has two decades of experience designing medical devices

As coronavirus cases continue to mount across the United States, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical component to keeping healthcare personnel and other essential workers healthy. Major companies from across the country have jumped in to the fight, shifting their manufacturing capacity toward producing items like ventilators, face masks and face shields to keep contaminants at bay, particularly when it comes to treating infected patients. For their part, Ford and Fiat-Chrysler have committed to making face masks, and both General Motors and Ford announced they would produce ventilators for hospitals as the fight against COVID-19 continues.

However, while their manufacturing might can make an enormous difference as we all face these difficult times together, they’re far from the only ones tackling the problem.

Enter Table Mountain Innovations Inc. — a Colorado-based company whose founder has two decades of experience in medical device design. The company designed and manufactures the Emergency Face Shield, an inexpensive supplement to an N95 face mask to help prevent the spread of contagious droplets from being in close contact with others. In the video above, Roman interviews CEO Chris Crowley to find out exactly how this local firm is using what resources it has to provide face shields fast in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The Emergency Face Shield helps act as a supplemental piece of protective equipment to masks and gloves. [Photo: Table Mountain Innovation Inc.]

More about Emergency Face Shields

The Emergency Face Shield is mass-produced to meet the needs of large-volume customers, like hospitals. To that end, the company typically ships 130 face shields per box, and only breaks out its smallest orders into packs of 30. The company displays a $4.99 per mask price if customers shop in batches ranging between 30 and 2,080 units. They do have a contact form near the bottom of their page and can facilitate smaller orders, but it may take longer to ship and will be more expensive for individual customers to buy.

The face mask uses a one-piece, vacuum-formed design, so one employee can manufacture 1,000 face shields per hour on a high-speed machine without any human contact. It does incorporate an adjustable strap to more securely fit your head, and is made from U.S.-sourced PET plastic.

Like companies working to produce hand sanitizer as quickly as possible, straightforward solutions can be the key to helping slow the spread of COVID-19 as healthcare systems continue to face severe strain from the influx of new patients. That said, the Emergency Face Shield is not designed as a substitute for other protective equipment live N95 face masks and gloves.

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