June 2019 In-Depth Sales Report: What’s Up With FCA? Ram Sales Soar, While Every Other Brand Falls

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was FCA's best-selling car in June

2018 Fiat 500X Lounge - June 2019 sales report
Fiat sales continue to tumble in June 2019, but the rest of FCA’s brands except Ram didn’t fare so hot either.
  • FCA reported 206,083 sales in June 2019 — up 2 percent from June 2018.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee was FCA’s best-selling car last last month.
  • Ram sales soared 45 percent in June 2019.
  • Jeep sales fell 12 percent in June 2019.
  • Dodge sales fell 17 percent in June 2019.
  • Chrysler sales fell 4 percent in June 2019.
  • Fiat sales fell 35 percent in June 2019.
  • Alfa Romeo sales fell 29 percent in June 2019.

Monthly sales across other FCA brands fell in June.

In America, we love, love, love our trucks. If you need some clear proof, take a look at FCA’s June 2019 sales. Sales of Ram trucks soared, thanks to the lineup’s recent redesign of its 1500 light duty and the Ram HD trucks, from the 2500 through the 5500 Chassis Cabs. Notably, nearly every other FCA model fell from this point in June 2018.

This month, we’re going to take a slightly different approach with how we cover car sales. Apart from simply doing the best or worst-selling cars by segment, we also want to look at each brand in turn. FCA US LLC, as the company is officially called, covers five brands in the U.S.: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram.

Let’s take a look at each brand’s June 2019 sales versus the same point in 2018. We will report more specifically about Ram’s sales over on TFLtruck.com, so stay tuned for that coming up soon!

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio  - June 2019 sales report
The Stelvio was Alfa Romeo’s best-selling car last month.

Alfa Romeo: 1,595 cars (-29% Month-over-Month)

While Giulia and Stelvio sales served as a boon for the Alfa Romeo brand in 2018, sales have started dropping off in 2019. Last month, Alfa Romeo sold 768 Giulias and 818 examples of the Stelvio crossover.

The Alfa Romeo 4C has never been a hot seller, but the brand sold just nine examples in June 2019. That’s it. Of course, that mainly falls on the brand’s omission of the 4C coupe, leaving just the 4C Spider as the model’s last breath in the U.S. With the coupe’s departure, the cheapest 4C you can buy now starts at $66,900.

Alfa Romeo Sales: Month-over-Month (MoM)

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM

Alfa Romeo Sales: Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY

Chrysler 300  - June 2019 sales report
The Chrysler 300 is still hanging on, but its sales fell in June 2019.

Chrysler: 12,941 cars (-4% Month-over-Month)

So far as Chrysler is concerned, its fortunes in the public sphere lie almost entirely with the Pacifica minivan. The Pacifica sold particularly well in June, but its year-to-date sales are down by 23 percent.The Chrysler 300 waxes and wanes on fleet sales, where livery companies swap out their models every so often. Despite its age, Chrysler’s last remaining sedan still sells a decent number of units, although monthly sales dropped significantly in June, along with most of FCA’s models.

Chrysler Voyager - June 2019 sales report
Chrysler will soon have another minivan with the new Voyager.

It’s worth noting here that we will soon see another model line from Chrysler. The brand is spinning off its lower-end Pacifica models into the new 2020 Chrysler Voyager. Essentially, it’s a budget version of the Pacifica minivan, but it will “drop” Pacifica sales if FCA starts reporting the two models separately when the Voyager goes on sale.

Chrysler Sales – Month-over Month (MoM)

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM

Chrysler Sales – Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY

2017 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
Sales of the Dodge Charger grew last month.

Dodge: 38,561 cars (-17% Month-over-Month)

The Dodge Charger and Challenger still sell at a fairly steady pace, even if both are getting long in the tooth by now. Sales of the Durango SUV also picked up in June, and are up in 2019 as a whole. The Journey and Grand Caravan have also shifted a healthy number of units this year, contributing to the brand’s year-to-date sales figure of over 228,000 units.

However, there were some pain points on the numbers strictly looking at June 2019. The brand was down 17 percent on the whole. However, the Durango did grow by a slight 4 percent over June 2018. The Charger did well last month, with its sales growing by 36 percent. The other models, including the Challenger, saw their sales slide by at least 26 percent this past month.

Dodge Sales: Month-over-Month (MoM)

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM
Grand Caravan12,21516,267-25%

Dodge Sales: Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY
Grand Caravan71,94786,778-17%

2018 Fiat 124 Spider Classica
Sales across the Fiat brand were down in the June 2019 sales report.

Fiat: 933 cars (-35% Month-over-Month)

To say Fiat is losing steam in the U.S. market would be an understatement. It does still carry a range of four models: the tiny yet fantastically fun 500, as well as the larger 500L, the 500X crossover and the 124 Spider. We’ve seen Fiat’s sales continue to slip month after month, and the June 2019 sales picture is no exception. The brand slipped 35 percent, with each of its models losing ground over June 2018.

The worst-selling Fiat model last month was the 500L, which shifted just 90 units nationwide. The best sellers were the 500 hatchback, which sold 306 units last month, and the Spider, which moved 337.

Fiat sales: Month-over-Month (MoM)

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM
124 Spider337401-16%

Fiat sales: Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY
124 Spider1,5281,894-19%

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the only model that improved its sales in the June 2019 sales report.

Jeep: 76,826 cars (-12% Month-over-Month)

Right now, two brands have been instrumental in FCA’s growth over the past couple years: Ram and Jeep. The company redesigned most of Jeep’s lineup within the past two years, from the current-generation Compass to the Cherokee and the Wrangler JL. Jeep went from strength to strength on sales figures in 2018, but now it seems they’re starting to slow down. That said, Jeep is still by far and away a sales leviathan, and FCA’s best-selling brand by a huge margin. So far this year, the brand has moved nearly half a million cars.

Let’s start with the Wrangler, for example. Jeep moved 20,055 Wranglers in June 2019, down from 23,110 during the same period in 2018. The Compass is down 28 percent month-over-month from June 2018. The recently refreshed Cherokee and the Renegade are both down 29 percent from June 2018. Notably, however, the Grand Cherokee is actually up 11 percent last month, and its sales have improved by 13 percent for the year as a whole.

There are a few factors at play in Jeep’s sales figures as we head through 2019. Crossover and SUV competition has always been fierce, and recent redesigns are likely taking a bite out of the brand’s sales. In the crossover world, I’m talking about vehicles like the redesigned Toyota RAV4. However, Jeep does have an ace up its sleeve with the new Gladiator pickup (more on that over on TFLtruck.com!). Its sales are increasing, which looks to be having an impact on Toyota’s best-selling truck, the Tacoma.

Jeep sales: Month-over-Month (MoM)

ModelJune 2019June 2018MoM
Grand Cherokee19,66017,724+11%

Jeep sales: Year-over-Year (YoY)

Model2019 YTD2018 YTDYoY
Grand Cherokee123,272109,313+13%

More coming soon!

Check back to TFLcar.com often for more in-depth sales posts and looks at the best and worst sellers in the June 2019 sales report.