The 2020 Honda Civic Type R Gets Another Price Bump To $37,230

They’re already more expensive anyway, thanks to dealer markup.

I’ll come right out and admit it: I love the Honda Civic Type R. When we had one in our office a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure about all the factory boy racer bits, like the splitter, the side skirts, tightly bolstered sport seats and the massive wing on the back. It ultimately won me over, and is one of the few cars we review I’d want to own myself. However, that may be difficult, as Honda just bumped the starting price on the 2020 Civic Type R to $37,230 in the United States.

When the car first went on sale back in 2017, Honda put a sticker price starting at $34,775. That put it cheaper than the Ford Focus RS and the base Subaru WRX STI. Granted, with all 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque going to the front wheels, it’s exactly half as all-wheel drive as those two. But trust me, the Honda Civic Type R grips so well, the front-wheel drive just doesn’t matter.

Over time, Honda kept bumping up the price through the 2018 and 2019 model years. The company pegged the 2019 model’s starting price at $36,620. Now, it’s $610 more expensive for 2020, with no apparent changes in sight. For 2019, the Civic Type R did get an updated Display Audio system and changed some of the interior buttons a bit. It’s by no means lacking, and Honda keeping the formula the same means it’s still just as good now as it was in 2017, if nothing else.

Honda Civic Type R

Still a decent price against the competition

Here’s the thing: Honda likely realized it made this car too inexpensive in the first place. Of course, manufacturers do tend to raise prices slowly over a car’s life to keep up with inflation. The car is $2,500 more than the first model year, but good luck actually finding one for around $35,000. Dealers have been marking this car up these past few years. Even used examples are difficult to find under $35,000.

Still, if you can snipe a 2020 Honda Civic Type R around MSRP, it’s still something of a bargain, if not quite as much as the older ones were. The 2019 Volkswagen Golf R starts off at $41,290, while a new WRX STI starts at $37,480.

Check out the Civic Type R alongside the Toyota Supra and the Acura NSX below: