2019 Mazda3 Recalled For Wheels That Can Fall Off While Driving

2019 Mazda3 recall

Not something you want to happen while you’re driving.

If you’re driving a 2019 Mazda3, you’ll want to pay attention to this recall. Mazda is recalling 25,003 examples because its wheels may fall off while driving. Fortunately, no instances of this problem have actually hit customers yet, and no accidents or injuries have occurred due to the problem. Nevertheless, Mazda is voluntarily recalling these cars to fix the issue.

The company put out a statement today outlining the issue. “A manufacturing process error may result in a gap between the wheel hub bolt and hub flange during assembly. This gap causes loosening of the lug nuts though they were initially tightened to the correct specification at the plant. A rattling noise occurs prior to a wheel detachment from the vehicle.”

Mazda did note that the lug nuts were initially torqued at the factory, as they should be. However, the defect can cause the log nuts to shake loose while the car’s driving. The company will send out a recall notice to affected customers. From there, you can take your car to your local dealer to fix the problem. Alternatively, it’s a good idea to torque the lug nuts on your 2019 Mazda3, and keep an eye on them and make sure they’re tight.

If you own a 2019 Mazda3 and are concerned your car may be part of the recall, you can contact your dealer for more information. Mazda’s reference number for this recall is 3519F.