Audi Recalls The E-Tron For Possible Fire Risk

The recall affects 1,644 cars

audi e-tron

No actual fires have happened at this time.

The Audi E-Tron only just went on sale, but the company detected an issue and instigated a voluntary recall campaign. The recall is for a “potentially faulty seal” that can let moisture enter the battery pack. From there, a short circuit may occur, or, in some circumstances, a fire.

Audi detected the issue after five E-Tron SUVs gave off a yellow battery warning light. No customers have reported any incidents yet, but the company is not taking changes.

This is a small recall, as the car has not been on sale long. Of the 1,644 Audi E-Tron models the company recalled, only 540 made their way to customers. Audi is expecting the recall fix to become available in August 2019. In the meantime, Audi encourages those with the issue to pull over immediately. Owners should also refrain from charging the car and call roadside assistance if they get a battery warning light.

audi e-tron

Here is Audi’s statement on the recall:

“Audi of America takes the safety of its customers and the quality of our vehicles very seriously. In order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality for our customers, we have issued a voluntary recall affecting approximately 540 e-tron vehicles that have been delivered to customers and 1,644 in total. The recall is in response to a potentially faulty seal that may allow moisture to enter the battery compartment which could lead to a short circuit or in extreme cases to a thermal event. We are applying an abundance of caution as no such incidents have been reported globally. The recall repair is expected to become available in August 2019.

Customers are being contacted directly to inform them of the recall and our dealer network is fully engaged to deliver the best customer-service possible. We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers and reservation holders as we work with all parties toward a positive outcome in the weeks ahead. Audi e-tron vehicles unaffected by the recall remain available for delivery and our reservation system remains open to receive customer reservations.”

According to Electrek, Audi is providing its customers options should they wish to stop driving their E-Tron. Audi can provide a loaner vehicle with pick up and delivery, an $800 prepaid card, as well as Audi Care or reimbursement if they already paid for it.

Audi also told Electrek that a new shipment of E-Tron models is heading out. These new cars reportedly don’t have this same problem. The company will match those cars with affected customers soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!