Tesla Rolls Out ‘Dog Mode’ To Keep Pets Safe And Comfortable

The update also notifies passersby that the A/C is on.

Tesla is rolling out two updates with the intent of keeping your car — and what’s inside it — safe: Sentry Mode and Dog Mode. The former uses the Autopilot system’s cameras to monitor around the car for any potential threats. What some may appreciate more, however, is the so-called ‘Dog Mode’. That system will keep a Tesla’s HVAC system running when the driver leaves the car, and control the temperature to keep dogs comfortable when owners have to leave them in the car.

Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Hot or Not

Not only will dog mode keep your beloved pets comfortable in extreme climates, but it will also notify onlookers that the system is fine. The central screen will throw up a message saying, “My owner will be back soon,” as well as display the temperature inside the car. The hope is that, so long as the system’s running, dogs won’t overheat or freeze. You also need hammer-wielding good samaritans to look at the screen before smashing the window.

Sentry mode is a bit of a different animal, so to speak. It monitors outside the car for any potential threats. It will display a message if anyone gets to close to the car, and sound the alarm if someone actually breaks the window.

The feature rolled out to new examples of the Model 3 yesterday. Beyond that, it will roll out to Model S and Model X vehicles built after August 2017. In order for the Sentry Mode to work, you have to have a Tesla with the Autopilot 2+ system.