Mark Reuss Takes Over As General Motors President, Set to Focus on Electrification and Automation

Hopefully he still likes Corvettes and Camaros Too!

Mark Reuss, President of General Motors (Photo by John F. Martin for General Motors)

Amidst a span of several jarring announcements, General Motors appointed Mark Reuss as the new president of GM. Reuss formerly acted as the Executive Vice President for global product development. He currently also runs GM’s global product group as well as Cadillac’s operations, roles that he will keep in addition to his new title.

Reuss replaces Dan Ammann, who left his role as president of GM. Ammann took over as CEO of GM autonomous subsidiary Cruise Automation on January 1, 2019. Hence, the need for a new president of GM.

Focus on Electrification

Among Reuss’ first to-do items is a plan to emphasize on electrification. The new President of GM reportedly plans to double the amount of resources being allocated to electric and autonomous vehicles. Interestingly enough, GM just sold their 200,000th electric vehicle, which means the $7,500 tax credit will soon begin to phase out for GM.

Good for Enthusiasts?

Despite the publicly known focus on electrification and automation, car lovers should be relieved by the appointment of Reuss as the new president of GM. Reuss is well-known as a car enthusiast himself.

There is great footage of him driving (and then crashing) a ZR1 Corvette pace car at the Detroit Gran Prix. Hopefully Reuss will continue to build upon Chevy’s impressive performance lineup. Reuss’ father Lloyd Reuss worked as the president of GM in 1990, and Mark Ruess has been with the American manufacturer for almost his entire career.

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Of course, there is a lot of news you can catch up on to understand why Reuss is now in charge of GM. Perhaps the most important is the fact that GM went and killed off six different models as a result of shutting down several plants and laying off many employees. To hear more about that news, check out the video below:

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