Lincoln Brings Back Suicide Doors With The 2019 Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition [News]

The production run is limited to just 80 cars

Lincoln revives an iconic moment in the Continental’s design.

You know what? This is how the Lincoln Continental should have always looked. Yes, it’s unconventional. But seriously, who hasn’t wanted suicide doors at some point in their lives? Clearly, Lincoln agrees, as it’s bringing back the design trend for the Continental’s 80th anniversary. The 2020 Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition takes the 21st century model straight back to 1961, when the suicide doors first debuted. Or, rather, “coach doors.” “Notice the doors,” advertisements of the time started. It certainly makes the car stand out.

Unlike the 1961 Lincoln Continental, however, production is limited to just 80 units. What’s more, Lincoln will install a special door sill plate showing each car’s number in the production run.

To accommodate the larger doors, the Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition has a wheelbase six inches longer than the standard model. The rear doors open a full 90 degrees, allowing passengers easier entry and exit. Under the hood, this special edition model still has a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Passengers still get 30-position seats and a Revel Ultima audio system.

Prepare to spend six figures

Lincoln announced the car would be available from summer 2019. As for the price? Because of that limited production run, it won’t be cheap. In fact, it will cost somewhere in the area of $100,000, according to the Detroit Free Press. The car is only available through Black Label dealers and will include annual detailing, free car washes and even access to restaurants where chefs “will provide a curated dining experience.”

That knocks it off my wish list for next Christmas, but it’s still cool that Lincoln is bringing back a design cue that made the original Continental memorable. Now, how about a Navigator with suicide doors?