No Surprise: The Hyundai Santa Fe Won’t Get a Diesel Option After All [News]

That means a three-row Santa Fe isn't coming either

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe will stick to gas powerplants, for now.

The Hyundai Santa Fe diesel isn’t dead on arrival – it’s just not coming at all. According to a recent article in Green Car Reports, Hyundai has decided to ax its plans to bring a diesel crossover to the U.S. market. Company spokesperson Brandon Ramirez confirmed in Korea that it won’t come to the U.S. market, as we had originally believed. The automaker decided to cancel its plans to introduce the model after looking at the current attitude toward diesels in the segment. Currently, lower gas prices and a shift toward electrification are also putting the squeeze on a sound business case for the diesel model.

Another casualty of this decision is a three-row variant of the Santa Fe. Strangely, the automaker planned to bring a three-row version of the new Santa Fe to the market, but only in the diesel version. Now, that’s not happening either. That’s something that may not be terribly missed, as we will have the three-row Hyundai Palisade as an option above the two-row Santa Fe. Coming back to electrification, Hyundai may yet introduce a hybrid version of the new car as well.

Slim pickings for diesels

The decision isn’t surprising, given the current state of diesels in the market. Emissions scandals notwithstanding, American customers face a market where gas is cheaper than diesel. While cars like the Chevy Equinox are more fuel efficient, higher diesel prices offset potential cost savings, not to mention that the diesel model is more expensive to buy in the first place. Electric car infrastructure is expanding, and diesels just don’t have the best image after various emissions scandals.

If you are looking for a diesel crossover, your options remain limited. Chevrolet and GMC offer the Equinox and Terrain. Mazda may yet bring the CX-5 diesel to our shores, and Jaguar Land Rover have diesel versions of their SUVs as well. Jeep is also bringing their EcoDiesel to the new Wrangler JL.

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