What Did We Buy? Meet An 80’s SUV Icon: The Suzuki Samurai [Video]

What we just bought is surely one of the quirkiest and most memorable 80’s SUVs.

Some cars come along, and they just stick in your mind. Of course, sometimes they aren’t exactly memorable for the most flattering reasons, and that’s the case with our latest addition to the long-term fleet. The thumbnail to the latest TFLcar video may give some indication – boxy like a Jeep, yet with a smaller profile. It’s a small SUV, but still had the chops to hack it off road. It’s simple, light and nimble with a healthy dose of character. Yep, it’s a 1987 Suzuki Samurai.

Suzuki Samurai

Despite having a great name, it was also one of the most affordable cars you could buy at the time. When they were new, Samurais rang in at just over $6,000. For that, you bought a small, yet capable off-roader packing a 1.3-liter engine with a stratospheric 63 horsepower. Later on in it’s life, Suzuki fitted a new, fuel-injected 1.3-liter with even more power…well, 66 horsepower, to be exact.

It’s not a powerhouse, but at just over 2,000 pounds, it doesn’t need to be. This one is still nearly original as well. That’s tough to find with a Samurai these days, as off-road enthusiasts love these diminutive SUVs. As such, most were lifted and modified to oblivion.

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