2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF: 10 Weird Things You Probably Didn’t Know [Video]

We don’t get a Miata tester all that often. However, this week we had our hands on a Mazda 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF for the week. We filmed an episode of ‘Is it Faster’ for a fun, but informal track review – that’s coming soon. In the meantime, we count down ten of the weirdest features we managed to find on the 2019 Miata RF.

10) The Hardtop

The ‘RF’ in this particular vehicle stands for ‘Retractable Fastback’, indicating that there is a folding hard-top on this Miata. Thankfully, Mazda does allow for the top to be folded while the car is moving, but with some catches. First, you cannot exceed 6 miles per hour. Second, you cannot be in reverse while folding the top. So, you can fold it in motion, but only at very low speed in first gear.

9) The ‘B-Pillar’

The 2019 Mazda Miata RF has what looks like a B-Pillar and a rear window. Under closer inspection, you find out it is actually just a piece of black plastic trim. One that is designed to look like a B-Pillar, with a window. From the driver’s seat, this becomes obvious when you check your blind spot, only to be met with black roof interior.

8) Backup Camera Placement

Most cars choose to mount their backup camera somewhere around the license plate. However, the Miata is far too low to the ground for this to be practical. So, they cut a hole in the rear bumper and slapped a camera right in the middle. It works just fine, but certainly looks a little odd.

7) MX-5 Branded Oil Cap

Take a look under the hood and the first thing you see is a bright red oil filler cap that proudly reads ‘MX-5’. Aside from the fancy cap, the weird thing here is that the oil cap comes as a part of the interior package that includes illuminated door sills and special pedals. The cost? $425.

6) Removable Cup Holders

The Miata’s interior is remarkably small, so Mazda has given it removable cupholders to help free up space wherever possible. They can be placed by the passenger’s left leg, or between the two seats. However, the second option ruins the space for your elbow, plus you risk spilling your drink when you inevitably hit the cupholder with your elbow.

5) License Plate Holes

Take a good look at the front bumper and you find some funny divots that look like they might be small rock dings. Under closer inspection, the careful placement reveals that they are holes for the license plate screws. Though, you have to drill them yourself.

4) Antenna(s)

The ‘s’ is important right there because the Miata has not one, but two antennas for the radio. There is a small sharkfin on the trunk for satellite, plus a traditional antenna located on the right rear fender.

3) Trunk Access

Normally a trunk latch is located somewhere on the trunk lid itself. Not the Miata. In fact, there are three ways to open the trunk and none of them are on the trunk lid itself. There is a button next to the license plate, a button on the key fob and a button next to the hood release latch. However, that last one is really hard to find if you don’t know where it is.

2) No Glovebox?

Ok well there is technically a glovebox on the Miata RF. However, it is located between the seats, not in front of the passenger seat. This is incidentally where you store your removable cupholders.

1) A $35,000 Miata?

Number one has to be the pricetag, because this Miata isn’t cheap. The RF, plus the Grand Touring trim and some other small options bring the MSRP up to a staggering $35,000. For that money you could have a base model Mustang GT with 460 horsepower.