Lada 4×4 Vision Concept: Could This Be the Next Niva? Past & Future

Lada has recently shown a 4×4 Vision Concept at the Moscow Auto Show. The designers say it was inspired by the classic Lada Niva 4×4 that first came on the scene in 1976. Indeed, the front-end with the hood-mounted amber marker lights somehow remind of the classic Niva look. But the 4×4 Vision concept SUV is a whole new animal.

The “X” symbol is the overwhelming design element. You can see it in the grille, the LED headlights, and the entire profile. The concept is equipped with four suicide style doors and a cabin with seating for four (two in the front and two in the rear). The concept features special 21-inch rims.

Lada says that the concept is built on a unique platform that is developed in-house, and not shared with any other automaker. There were some rumors that the upcoming Lada 4×4 will share its platform with the Dacia Duster.

Lada did not release powertrain specifications or details, however the fancy concept interior  shows a very modern look with steering wheel control buttons for the cruise-control and infotainment system. The later features a three-dimensional topographical navigation map.

Original Lada Niva 4×4

Will the production version of the Lada 4×4 carry the Niva name? We surely hope so, although it may not happen. When will the new Lada 4×4 go on sale? It’s likely still many years away from reaching Russian dealerships. There are no details yet as to if or when it will be available for sale in other countries.

In the meantime, we can still pass the time by watching youtube videos of the older Lada Nivas, and dreaming of importing a nice used one into the United States.