Question of the Day: Who Invented the Cupholder? Viewer Poll

Why do we have 30 cupholders in our cars?

Cupholders are a standard amenity in pretty much every new car sold today. There seems to be an industry competition going on for who can fit the most cupholders in their car now. However, if you take a look in an older car, you will have a hard time finding them. Even as recently as the nineties, some cars did not come with cupholders in the cabin.

2017 jeep compass cupholder
Cupholders not suitable for bottles and cups of different shapes and sizes.

Many of the cars in the office are missing these crucial bits of convenience. Big Green, our ’85 Chevy K10 Pickup truck, has no cupholders. Our Mazda RX-7 had no cupholders. Even Tommy’s 1991 Jeep Cherokee has no cupholders. Which got us thinking, what was the first car to have cupholders, as we know them today. We did some research and found out, but we want to see what you guys think.

So, we turn to you, our readers, to see if you can identify the first car to come with cupholders from the factory.

Please drop us a comment down below and let us know what you think was the first car with factory cupholders.

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Here’s a little hint: Check out the video below to see two of the most cupholder-packed vehicles you can buy today, the Honda Odyssey & the Chrysler Pacifica: