Here’s Why VW Sold Over 21 Million Beetles – Bug DeMuro – Beetle Diaries Ep. 9

We get Doug-y With it for this week's episode of the Beetle Diaries

**Apologies for being late with last weeks Beetle Diaries episode -We wanted to make up for it, so we’re posting this episode a little early. We will be back to our normal scheduling next week. Enjoy!**

On this episode of the Beetle Diaries, Tommy and Mike take you through all the Bug’s quirks and features. Then they take it for a drive. Then, they give it a Dou… I mean a TFL rating of Buy It, Lease It, Rent It, or Forget It.

Why are we doing a Doug style video? Well, Doug has not done a video with the Beetle yet, so we had to beat him to it! Plus, his style of videos, whether you love them or hate them, are exceptionally informational and there is a lot to say about the Beetle.

There are tons of funny things about the Beetle, and we go through all of them in this video, but here I will mention just a few so not to ruin the whole show.

Exterior Quirks

One of the funniest design quirks is perhaps the placement of the VW badge on the hood. Normally, you expect the badge to be located very near the front of the hood. Not the VW, no that badge is right on top of the hood. This way, when you hit someone, you can leave a VW badge imprint on their forehead.

Interior Features

One of the funniest interior features has to be the use of a single speaker for the radio, located in the dash right behind the steering wheel. It actually starts a series of ‘ones’ for the Beetle. There is one light for both turn signals, one speaker, and one carburetor in the engine.

Of course, Tommy and I covered many more quirks and featured in our video. To find out more, you’ll just have to watch the whole thing!

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