Pimp My Armored Limousine: Here Are the Top 5 Chariots of Choice for World Leaders

Being a major world leader grants tremendous power, but it could also you an instant target. Thus, you need a car that will protect you in every way possible, especially in the car that shuffles you around. So, that car better be armored as heck. Here are five of the most protective armored vehicles that world leaders ride in. Thanks to Business Insider & Select Car Leasing for compiling the information for this list!

5) Pope Benedict XVI: The Popemobile – $535,000

The Popemobile is a mid-2000s Mercedes-Benz M-Class with a funky glass box on top. It was the bullet-proof choice of then-Pope Benedict XVI. It’s safety features include run-flat tires, a bomb-resistant underbody, armored windows, and an onboard oxygen supply. The current Pope took more modest approach with his open-top Mercedes G-Wagen.

4) Vladimir Putin: Aurus Senat Limousine – $588,000

The Aurus Senat is a collaborative effort between Porsche and NAMI, a Russian institute. Russia has kept the safety features of this limo under wraps, though we know it is heavily armored and uses nightvision cameras. We also know that it’s powered by a 598 horsepower, 4.4-liter V8 engine.

Oh yeah, it has auto-tightening seatbelts. Fancy.

3) Kim Jong Un: Mercedes-Benz S600 – $1.6 Million

The S-Class is already quite a tank left when left to its own devices. Tack on body armor and surveillance cameras, however, and you have yourself a 21-foot luxury tank for the road. What makes Kim Jong Un’s chariot of choice particularly special isn’t so much the car itself, but the dozen suit-adorned guards that jog alongside the vehicle at all times.

2) Donald Trump: Cadillac One, aka ‘The Beast’ – $1.6 Million

Cadillac One: 'The Beast' Armored Limousine

It’s a big, armored Caddy. What more does the US president need? Well, actually, it just looks like a Cadillac. Underneath, it’s rolling on a Chevy HD truck chassis. Cadillac One also has a type-specific onboard blood supply for POTUS, a smoke screen dispenser, kevlar tires, plenty of body armor, a panic button, tear gas canisters and night-vision cameras. Plus, the drivers enroll in rigorous evasive driving courses to ensure the president doesn’t find himself in a Hollywood-style car chase for too long.

1) Queen Elizabeth II: Bentley State Limousine – $14.7 Million

I really don’t understand what it is about this custom Bentley limo that could make it cost $14.7 million. Bentley designed the limo for the Queen’s 2002 Golden Jubilee and she liked it so much that she ordered a second one. The royal-carrying limo features a higher ceiling and doors that open to a perfect 90 degrees to flatter the royalty that enters and exits the vehicle. And, of course, the car is heavily armored, air tight, and features kevlar tires. Though, I’m still not sure what about this equation is worth $14.7 million.

Cars like these make you want to be a world leader. All that power and all that luxury – what’s not to love? Although, if you want to live in luxury as a private citizen, there’s always cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Join our friend Nik Miles below as he recounts the features in the limo of choice for governments all over the world: the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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