Hurrah! The Iconic Lancia Delta HF Integrale Hot Hatch Is Back – As a Restomod

Lancia fans all over the world rejoice, as one of their most iconic cars is getting the restomod treatment.

Every once in awhile, a boutique firm works tirelessly to bring an old classic car back from the dead. Take Singer Vehicle Design, a California-based restorer that takes old Porsche 911s and brings them into a modern age. Mind you, they do that all without sacrificing the classic look, feel and experience of the older models.

In this case, it’s the Italian Lancia Delta HF Integrale hatchback. Rally fans out there will recognize this car – specifically, the high-performance HF version – as the car that dominated the World Rally Championship from 1987 to 1992. Overall, this hot hatch scored 46 WRC victories and culminated Lancia’s rallying heritage. Now, Automobili Amos plans to reinterpret the classic rally icon for a new age. Eugene Amos, an Italian racing driver, plans to integrate over 1,000 into donor Delta Integrale 16-valve cars rather than the rarer Evoluziones. To that end, they’ve released these renders of what the reimagined car will look like.

According to reports, this restomod will have a more powerful 330 horsepower engine. That’s way more than the original Evoluzione’s 210 horsepower, and it will still have all-wheel drive. As far as the design, Automobili Amos evidently looks to make subtle changes, but keep the overall shape the same. The biggest change, it appears, is the lack of rear doors on the restomod version.

Now, here’s the bad news. This sort of restomod Lancia Delta Integrale won’t come cheap. In fact, Delta HF Integrale Evo II models regularly change hands for upwards of $100,000. However, there is a bright side. As the donor cars are more than 25 years old, you can import them into the United States without having to comply with EPA or DOT standards.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Restomod
[Photo: Automobili Amos]