Toyota FT-4X Concept Is an Innovative Off-Roader For a New Generation [2017 NY Auto Show]

2017 nyc auto show new york concept off-road ft-4x
Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota rolls out an innovative FT-4X off-road crossover concept vehicle at the 2017 New York Auto Show. It is still just a concept, but what a concept it is! Many features of the FT-4X makes me say “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “That’s clever!”

The FT-4X is a compact four-wheel-drive crossover vehicle. It is not aiming for off-road capability of a Jeep Wrangler, but it brings adventurous spirit and off-road ability to satisfy most urban/weekend explorers.

Many of the FT-4X feature have double usage. The heater vents can dry your wet clothes, the radio and interior lights are removable for outdoor use, your phone is your navigation system, the center arm rest is also a sleeping bag.

The FT-4X Concept has many cool possibilities, and I hope Toyota puts something much like it into production very soon. After all, the green-lit the FJ Cruiser is mostly concept form and into production.

TFLcar team has some history with the FJ Cruiser, and we are looking forward to . In fact, one of our first “first drive” off-road video reviews on Youtube was a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Check out this shaky off-road blast for the past review.