Is the Jeep Safari Concept a Preview of the New Wrangler JL?

Easter is almost upon us which can only mean one thing: Jeep week!

Every year Jeep surprises fans across the world with a series of bonkers concepts ahead of the Easter Jeep Safari. For 2017 Jeep has seven new concepts based on a multitude of vehicles. The current Jeep Wrangler JK is turning ten this year, and with the highly anticipated JL just around the corner FCA may have snuck some features on the concept vehicle to preview the upcoming Wrangler.

The Jeep Safari concept tries to bring  the outdoors inside while maintaining weather protection for all passengers. A translucent roof, aluminum and clear vinyl doors and zippered openings all contribute to the airy vibe.

A 3.6L pentastar V6 and 5-speed automatic send power through 35 inch BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains mounted on custom 18-inch wheels. The built in air-compressor should make airing down the tires a breeze while upgraded brakes may help keep the concept right side up. A Jeep Performance Parts two inch lift and front and rear locking differentials are not out of the ordinary for custom Wranglers, however, some of the concept goodies included are.

The seven slot grill seen on the Safari concept is different than the current Wrangler setup. A similar design has been flying around Wrangler JL forums suggesting the concept grill may be found on the production JL.

The seats are unique as well. Rear buckets are angled outward and there are just four of them. Seat design is very different from the current front buckets as well.

A FCA press release does not give up whether or not the concept is based on the current JK or the upcoming JL. The dashboard and instrument cluster are certainly very similar to the current model albeit with a custom center mounted iPad.

Unusual for concept vehicles, Jeep allows journalists to drive these beasts at the Easter Jeep Safari. Be sure to check out our full coverage in the coming weeks.

For more great coverage of past concepts, check out the video below!