How Do You Fuel Up a Hydrogen Car? Watch the 2017 Honda Clarity Fill Up with Hydrogen

You probably already know that the 2017 Honda Clarity runs on Hydrogen and emits only water out of the tailpipe.  That’s because it is an electric car that is powered by a Hydrogen fuel cell.

That in itself is pretty cool. But how much does it cost to fill up a Clarity at your local gas station? Currently there are only 21 fuel station in California that also have pump hydrogen, but that number is rapidly increasing.

I recently found out that it is not cheap to fill up with hydrogen when I test drove the new 2017 Honda Clarity in Santa Barbara, California.  It cost about $90 to fill up the 2017 Honda Clarity’s twin hydrogen tanks. Honda says the car will go 366 miles when fully fueled up.

If this seems expensive, please keep in mind that Honda will also give you a $15,000 debit card when you lease the Fuel Cell Clarity for $369 per month to pay for the hydrogen you’ll need to drive run the car.

But just how easy is it to fuel up?

In the TFL tech demo video below you can watch the process. Honda says it takes from 3-5 minutes to fill up the 2017 Honda Clarity. That’s a lot quicker than charging up an electric car like a Tesla. Even at a supercharging station the Tesla Model S for example takes about 30 minutes to charge up to 80 percent of the car’s battery.

If you are like me, and you are fascinated by the newest generation of fuel cell cars, please stay tuned for a complete first drive video review of the new 2017 Honda Clarity. That video is coming up later this week as soon as we can edit the video. But for now please let us know what you think of the newest and most technically sophisticated Honda in the comments below.