Ramifications of the GM Opel Deal plus Charlotte Takes the TFL Driving Test: TFLnews #3 [Video]

GM has come out and said that they are in talks with French auto group PSA about the potential sale of the Opel and Vauxhall brands. Tommy and Charlotte are here this week to discuss the ramifications of the GM Opel deal to help clarify what exactly is at stake with the sale of such a large part of GM’s company.

Furthermore, Tommy wanted to take the opportunity to formally welcome Charlotte to the TFL team. To do so, he had her attempt (and succeed with flying colors) to drive our somewhat finicky Big Green Chevy Pickup. Unsurprisingly, Charlotte remained unfazed by the truck’s difficult clutch and long-throw transmission, performing better than even Roman or Andre did on their first attempts with the car.

To hear everything Tommy and Charlotte had to say about the GM Opel deal, and to watch Charlotte conquer Big Green’s difficult transmission, be sure to watch the full video!

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