Hyundai’s record-breaking Ioniq is one fast hybrid [Video]

What happens when workers at Hyundai modify a car on their own time using nitrous oxide to make it faster?

It breaks the land speed record.

Officials with Hyundai were at SEMA recently unveiling a modified hybrid nitrous Ioniq that workers built. Although Hyundai has no plans to put the car into production, officials wanted to show off what a car company can do.

The vehicle broke the record for hybrids with 157.8 mph with the aid of nitrous. Officials explained how the engine was calibrated, what they did differently to increase aerodynamics and what other modifications were made to make the vehicle super fast.

What did the Hyundai look like? What features were added to ensure that not only it went fast but was safe. Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.

Hyundai Ioniq
Ioniq Land Speed Record Car