All all-wheel-drive cars that aren’t crossovers, all in one list! [News]

2017 audi a4 sedan all wheel drive
2017 Audi A4

The reality of living in a country this far north of the equator is that, for those of us in the northern tier or mountain west states, having an all-wheel-drive vehicle makes a lot of sense.

While there are plenty of SUVs and crossovers that can do the job, there are some people that just don’t want one. This list is for those people.

The table below is a comprehensive list of all all-wheel-drive cars for sale in the United States that aren’t crossovers or SUVs. The list includes sedans, coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks and wagons. There are cars for all price ranges, from the least-expensive Subaru Impreza to the most-expensive Acura NSX.

The Germans have us covered, as the three major players – Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz – offer all-wheel-drive versions of most of their models. The price of entry is a little higher – the lowest MSRP is about $34K – but there are plenty of options among the big three German brands.

Subaru is the only company that offers all-wheel-drive standard on all of their vehicles, so even the base $19K Impreza qualifies to be on the list.

Check out the rest of the list to see if there’s something for you. For the record, vehicles that are sedans or wagons but are designed to compete in the market with crossovers haven’t been included in this list. This includes cars like the Subaru Outback, Audi Allroad, and Volvo Cross Country, to name a few.

If you notice any omissions, please comment below and we will be sure to add them in!

Make Model Type Starting price for AWD
Acura TLX Sedan $41,600
RLX Sedan $59,950
NSX Coupe $167,700
Audi A3 Sedan/Wagon/Convertible $34,200
A4 Sedan $39,400
A5 Coupe/Convertible $41,200
S3 Sedan $42,500
TT Coupe/Convertible $43,500
A4 Allroad Wagon $44,000
S4 Sedan $49,200
A6 Sedan $49,800
TTS Coupe $52,500
S5 Coupe/Convertible $53,100
A7 Sedan $68,800
S6 Sedan $70,900
S7 Sedan $79,900
A8 Sedan $82,500
RS7 Sedan $110,700
S8 Sedan $115,900
R8 Coupe $162,900
BMW 2-series Coupe $35,150
3-series Sedan/Wagon $35,450
5-series Sedan/Wagon $52,500
6-series Coupe/Convertible $80,600
6-series Gran Coupe Sedan $82,800
7-series Sedan $84,500
Buick Regal Sedan $31,415
Lacrosse Sedan $43,265
Cadillac ATS Sedan $38,240
ATS Coupe Coupe $41,440
CTS Sedan $48,555
XTS Sedan $52,245
CT6 Sedan $56,490
Chrysler 200 Sedan $29,905
300 Sedan $34,760
Dodge Charger Sedan $30,245
Ford Taurus Sedan $28,875
Fusion Sedan $33,595
Focus RS Hatchback $36,775
Genesis G80 Sedan $43,900
G90 Sedan $70,600
Infiniti Q50 Sedan $35,950
Q60 Coupe $40,950
Q70 Sedan $52,000
Jaguar XE Sedan $38,900
XF Sedan $50,450
XJ Sedan $77,900
F-Type Coupe/Convertible $86,600
Lexus IS Sedan $39,700
RC Coupe $42,610
GS Sedan $50,470
LS Sedan $75,465
Lincoln MKZ Sedan $36,985
Continental Sedan $46,560
Maserati Ghibli Sedan $78,550
Quattroporte Sedan $107,900
Mercedes-Benz CLA Sedan $34,400
C-Class Sedan/Coupe $40,950
E-Class Sedan/Coupe/Wagon $54,650
S-Class Sedan/Convertible $99,600
MINI Clubman Wagon $29,450
Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan $20,295
Nissan GT-R Coupe $109,900
Porsche Panamera Sedan $82,800
911 Coupe/Convertible $96,300
Subaru Impreza Sedan/Hatchback $18,295
Legacy Sedan $21,995
WRX Sedan $26,695
WRX STi Sedan $35,195
Tesla Model S Hatchback $71,000
Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Wagon TBA
Golf R Hatchback $39,375
CC Sedan $44,355
Volvo S60 Sedan $35,950
V60 Wagon $38,150
XC70 Wagon $38,600
S90 Sedan $52,950

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