New 2017 VW Golf Sportwagen 4Motion vs VW Golf Alltrack Mashup Review [Video]

Volkswagen graciously invited Roman out to the great state of Washington to test drive two new variations of the VW Golf. The 2017 Golf Alltrack, featuring 4-Motion all wheel drive and the brand new 2017 Golf Sportwagen 4-Motion, also with all wheel drive. These two cars are quite similar, however they do have a few distinct differences.


Obviously both vehicles have all wheel drive, if you didn’t catch that from their name, but for how similar the two vehicles are, they actually target two significantly different markets. Given all the extra cladding, a 0.6″ suspension lift, and features such as hill descent, and off-road mode, the Alltrack is geared much more towards someone who intends to drive off road on a regular basis. While the Sportwagen 4-Motion has AWD, it is not set up quite as well to deal with a moderately tricky dirt path. Both cars offer good performance in the snow, but the Alltrack is definitely geared towards those who don’t mind a bit of dirt on their car.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The price points reflect this as well. The Sportwagen 4-Motion starts at $25,750 whereas the Alltrack can break into the $30,000 range with relative ease.

To find out more about the AWD Golf siblings, be sure to watch the full video above.