Cheap Speed: The Least Expensive Way to Join the 200 MPH Club [Video]

What’s the fastest way to go 200 mph without breaking the bank?

TFL’s Roman Mica found out recently when he went to the Colorado Mile Annual Top Speed Race at the Front Range Airport in Watkins, Colorado, which is south of the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado.

At the event, participants learned the distance they had to get to 200 mph and how far that distance was when traveling at that speed.

One of the organizers explained that although the runway is about 8,000 feet, with the stage and other factors the actual length the motorcyclists had was just under 2,600 feet. That means if they were able to get up to that speed, they would be “burning up 293 feet per second.”

Find out which ones did and what some of the motorcyclists paid for their rides by watching the complete TFL video above.