TFL Top 10 crappy cars that should stay dead [Video]

Vehicle models come, vehicle models go. But there are some that have gone that should definitely stay gone.

TFL’s Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen came up with a list of 10 vehicles that once cruised the streets but are now officially dead and should remain dead and buried.

Kicking off the list was the  Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevrolet HHR, which had a design and maneuverability that harkened back to the 50s. Although the vehicle was shapely and looked retro, which may have appealed to some potential drivers, the turning radius was retro and other elements were bad.

Some of the vehicles made the list not only because of their bad styling and engineering but also because of their name. Vehicles like the Ford Probe and the Chevy Citation made Roman and Nathan wonder how the marketing departments for those companies came up with a name like that. The Probe was also supposed to replace the Ford Mustang but never did.

Although Saturn seemed like a good idea, all models that have been born out of the now defunct GM line made the list. Roman and Nathan said they felt Saturn was initially a good idea because of the dent resistant, plastic bodies that Saturn eventually replaced, but the vehicles weren’t made well. The haggle-free business model also received high marks but it wasn’t enough to make that brand something worthwhile keeping.

Another all encompassing pick that made the list was the Trabant and all Eastern European cars except for the Lada Niva, a Russian built car. The cars that were born out of the Cold War era weren’t quality built and came equipped with extremely small engines and horsepower.

Find out which vehicle was the number one pick for a car that should remain dead by watching the complete TFLcar video above.

top 10 cars that should remain dead