2016 BMW 750i Review: Better than the Best-Selling Mercedes-Benz S-Class? [Video]

2016 BMW 7 750i

Nemesis for the BMW 7 Series has long been the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Until recently, the 7 Series was slipping behind its competitors, including the S-Class and Audi A8. For 2016, BMW engineers have developed an all-new design that covers everything — inside and out. Now the BMW flagship sedan is ready to take all competitors in the 6-figure, boardroom executive level luxury sedan class.

The new 2016 BMW 750i xDrive sets the benchmark with a new lightweight design, superb driving dynamics, and lavish comfort. The BMW engineers wanted to make the new 7-Series the most technologically advanced car on the market and filled it with gadgets galore and semi-autonomous driving technology. The integration of new technology — ranging from stereo cameras to lasers and radar — enabled the engineers to improve semi-autonomous features.

Studies have shown that picture of luxury has left behind the over-the-top opulence, and has changed to simplicity, ease of use, and integration of human motions to interface with the car’s functions. Now the 7 Series offers gesture controls, a perfume air ionizer with eight different scents, massage seats that show blood flow on a 10-inch screen, and rear seats that recline and pop-up a footrest. BMW says the redesigned 7 Series has 13 innovations not offered by the competitors, including carbon reinforced plastics and a body core made of carbon.

In this TFLcar video, Roman examines the 2016 BMW 750i xDrive closely and tries to answer the question as to which is the better car to buy, the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?