You can Launch the 2017 Acura NSX into Space with Optional $6,000 Paint [News]

2017 Acura NSX

Acura recently launched the vehicle configurator for the 2017 NSX. Of course it is plenty of fun to play around with the configurator and design your dream NSX, but perhaps just as exciting is the new information about options and pricing. There are plenty of options to ensure that your NSX comes out of the factory looking exactly how you want it.

Say you are interested in an NSX, but you really don’t care to add any options. All you want is a plain-jane, no-option car. The closest you can get to zero options leaves you with a hefty price tag of $167,700. The configurator lists an available iron brake rotor option which would save you at least $9,900, but currently you cannot select anything but the carbon-ceramic disks. Acura’s website says the iron brakes will be available later on in 2016. So theoretically, you can get a shiny new NSX for just $157,800. What else do you get for $167,700? Well, not a ton to be honest. You are stuck with manually adjusted seats, no navigation, no satellite radio and a disturbing lack of unpainted carbon fiber.

2017 Acura NSX Decklid Spoiler

Most people will likely not plan on buying a $170,000 car with zero options, so to get an idea of what a more realistic number would be for an average NSX, here are a few options that seemed reasonable. The two major options added were the improved infotainment system for $2,800 and the carbon fiber decklid spoiler for $3,000.

Also included in the more realistic car were the red painted brake calipers which added $700 to the price. While not a necessary upgrade, they do make the brake calipers pop quite well.

Acura says, “The ELS Studio®32 Premium Audio System was created in part by Grammy® award-winning recording engineer and producer Elliot Scheiner. Nine speakers and DTS Neural Surround™63 sound technology push 580 watts for an extraordinary 5.1 surround-sound experience that creates a virtual concert in the cockpit.” Many people enjoy good speakers in their car so the audio system upgrade felt realistic.

The NSX is certainly a car that people may like to take to the track every so often, so keeping the manually adjusted seats to save weight could be what the NSX customer wants. This track focus also explains the decklid spoiler. This all brought the price up a little bit to $174,499. A reasonable guess might be that most cars will end up around the $175,000-$180,000 mark.

Perhaps you are feeling like you want to spend a lot on your NSX and you want every option you can get. Adding every option does a lot to the price of the new Japanese supercar. The first major option is the Nouvelle Blue Pearl paint job for $6,000.

2017 Acura NSX Head on

Acura says, “Andaro® is a nano-particle aerospace innovation applied to the NSX to create automotive art — the ultimate supercar finish. Its pure chromatic color and bottomless layered depths are incomparable.” If aerospace grade paint is your thing then by all means go for it. Other options include power adjustable seats for $2,500, some upgraded “exclusive” wheels for $1,500, carbon fiber exterior sport package for $9,000, the $3,000 carbon fiber decklid spoiler, carbon fiber engine cover for $3,600, black Alcantara headliner for $1,300, yet more carbon fiber on the inside of your car with the carbon fiber interior sport package for $2,900.

Additionally, there is a fully upgraded audio system for $3,300 which now includes satellite radio, and a carbon fiber roof panel with satellite radio antenna for $6,000. Acura offers a long list of accessories including illuminated door sill trim for $1,500, a battery charger kit for $299, a $50 cargo net, some floor and trunk mats for $1,200, a car cover for $415, some wheel bolt locks for $125, and finally a whole extra set of wheels for $9,400. This all totals $219,289. If you can live without carbon fiber on every corner of the car, you’ll be able to save almost $25,000.

Overall, it is fun to play with the configurator and build your dream NSX.

To watch the reveal of the all-new Acura NSX, check out our video from the Detroit International Auto Show: