Statement from VW CEO on the EPA Emissions Cheating Scandal [News]

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It is difficult to wrap your brain around this EPA Emissions cheating scandal. The U.S. officials allege that Volkswagen sold 482,000 cars since 2009 that include software that activates anti-pollution controls only when it detects emissions testing procedures. The affected cars may expel 10 to 40 times the allowable pollution under normal operation.

What does Volkswagen have to say about this? Here is the official statement that was released today.

The CEO of Volkswagen AG, Professor Dr. Martin Winterkorn, released the following statement on Sunday Sep 20th, 2015.

Wolfsburg, September 20, 2015 – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board (EPA and CARB) revealed their findings that while testing diesel cars of the Volkswagen Group they have detected manipulations that 
violate American environmental standards.
The Board of Management at Volkswagen AG takes these findings very seriously. I personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public. We will cooperate fully with the responsible agencies, with transparency and urgency, to
clearly, openly, and completely establish all of the facts of this case. Volkswagen has ordered an external investigation of this matter.
We do not and will not tolerate violations of any kind of our internal rules or of the law.
The trust of our customers and the public is and continues to be our most important asset. We at Volkswagen will do everything that must be done in order to re-establish the trust that so many people have placed in us, and we will do everything necessary in order to reverse the damage this has caused. This matter has first priority for me, personally, and for our entire Board of Management.
Volkswagen Group Communications
Head of Corporate & Business Communications
Andreas Lampersbach