Volkswagen Says It’s Bringing Back the Harlequin — Check Your Calendar

Good one, VW

Some people were really looking forward to Harlequin’s return…but it’s just a stunt.

If you’ve seen funky, every-color Volkswagens from the 1990s running around in your neck of the woods, then you know about the long-departed Harlequin models. Over the past few days, the automaker built up some hype that it was actually coming back with the overseas ID.3 hatchback, much to some folks’ delight (or grimace-filled confusion).

But we all needed to check our calendars, and the company came clean: April Fool’s!

Some saw it for what it was even as VW drew out its prank over the past few days. Others didn’t, hoping that a beloved feature of certain Polo hatchbacks (or Golfs, over here) would actually come back. And those folks are pissed, as you can probably work out — you really can’t go far on the Internet without running into some outrage in 2024, after all.

Still, although Volkswagen was just looking for some chuckles and attention here, part of me thinks this would be a fun idea to actually play out. Even if it’s a low-volume run, something like an ID. Buzz Harlequin would definitely stand out among a sea of black, white, gray and silver crossovers.

Come on, guys…you know you want to.