One of a Kind New Mexico Motor Mountain USA Silver Belt Buckle Found

Elena Brown and Aesop Brooks

A huge congrats to Elena Brown and Aesop Brooks who found the one of a kind silver New Mexico Motor Mountain USA belt buckle.

We geocached the New Mexico Motor Mountain belt buckle at the top of a very steep and very rocky hill just North of Santa Fe, New Mexico and provided only the geo coordinates of the location of the buckle in the video below. Elena Brown and Aesop Brooks made their way to the lonely hill top in a Toyota 4Runner and found and claimed their prize.

Congrats guys we’re thrilled that you not only found the belt buckle but that you also made it up the steep hill.

TFL will be visiting the highest drivable point in every state in the Untied States this year. We just returned from a week of being on the road in which we drove to the highest points in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South and North Dakota. We will be publishing these state videos on Motor Mountain Monday over the next five weeks in this order. We also geocached the one of a kind MMUSA belt buckle in each state and we publish a picture of the person (or persons) who found the buckle in each week’s video. In each episode we also try to include the following 4 elements:

1) Highest Sate Point
2) Something Americana like Nebraska’s Carhendge in next week’s episode.
3) Off-Road driving segment
4) Geocaching of the #MMUSA belt Buckle and image of the person who found it from the previous week’s state.

We will be be posting tons of new photos from each state leading up to Motor Mountain Monday each week to keep you in the loop to TFL’s Facebook page and Twitter Feed.  You can watch all of the current and previous episodes of Motor Mountain Monday HERE and the latest episode below.